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Roman Numerals Everything you need to know!

Calculator Game - ideal for exploring place value

What Is a Good Math Site?

Decimal Game

Great Math
Games Websites

Roman Numerals
- The Major Symbols

Place Value Charts for teaching Units, Thousands, Millions, Billions, Trillions & Quadrillions in an engaging way.

Maths Posters
Math Vocabulary Posters - Ideal for Reference & Revision

Subtraction Game - Reinforce basic subtraction facts with this fun game.

Facts to 10 - Printable puzzles to aid the learning of 'facts to ten'

Fun Multiplication Strategy

Multiplication Games - Jump
- 6 Times Table
- 7 Times Table
- 8 Times Table

Multiplication Game - Bingo

Math Homework Ideas - Stuff to make maths just a little more interesting :)

Prime Numbers

Addition Game - Doubles + 1 Addition Facts Game - Doubles  


3d Shape Nets - A net is what a 3D object would look like if you unzipped the edges and flattened it out.

Calculator Game
Tables Game -
Beat the Calculator

Math Blaster - Tips & Tricks

Fractal Theory - Go On! It's Easy

New Math ResourcesCubic Metre - Build a Cubic Metre in Your Classroom


Problem Solving Activities

Problem Solving - Part 2 - These are fun and really, really challenging.

Problem Solving


Graphing Activity 1 - Investigate how many of each colour are in an M&Ms packet. The students love this one!

Graphing Activity 2 - Use Excel to create graphs with your students then ask them to compare which software they prefer.

New Math ResourcesGraphing Activity 3 - a collection of 42 survey questions for making into graphs. These questions are contained in one document to make the data collection a relatively painless process :

Math Games Math Games

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educational resources


Maths Lessons Math Lessons