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Prime Numbers Posters

Summary: A collection of printable math posters that explain the main features of prime numbers. The mathematics posters also address some of the commonly held misconceptions about prime numbers.

In my classrooms I always have a 'Mathematics Wall' where I have all sorts of 'Maths Help' displayed - Definitions of terms, puzzles, problem solving approaches, interesting facts about Math concepts and heaps of other mathematical stuff. Here is the start of my making these hand written notes into posters :)



What is a Prime Number?
What is a
Prime Number?


Is 1 a prime number?
Is 1 a
Prime Number?

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Maths Poster
Is 2 a
Prime Number!

(You might be surprised)
Proving Primacy
How to Prove a
Number is Prime

First Hundrend Primes
First 100 Primes

Math Poster
Prime Numbers
- & the astronomer


All About Roman Numerals

All About Roman Numerals

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