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Ideas for Morning Tea & Lunch with Staff

In my first few weeks of teaching I was put on a roster which meant in two weeks I had to organise a staff morning tea. Needless to say after three years at university surviving on beer and two minute noodles I was not sure which direction to head in:)

Years later I now have a collection of recipes that go down so well I take the printed version with me so people can photocopy it if they like the dish.

morning tea morning tea
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Man doing Woman's Work :)

Sweet Chilli Dip
Never Fail Sweet Chilli Dip
2 packets of stuff and
some sauce. Too Easy!

Crab & Tomato Soup
Crab & Tomato Soup
This one is to die for!!!
People WILL ask you
for this recipe!
Preparing Morning Tea




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morning tea morning tea

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