Onomatopoeia - examples of onomatopoeia - very useful for making sound poems

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myeducationstuff.com - Poetry - Onomatopoeia

Poetry - Onomatopoeia

Summary: This is work in progress! - It's a collection of words that demonstrate onomatopoeia. Your students can use it for reference & inspiration when writing. Feel free to contribute to this document on onomatopoeia.


OnomatopoeiaIf You Were Onomatopoeia

Animal Sounds -bark, baa baa, bark, bow wow, buzz, cheep, chirp, cluck, cuckoo, flutter, gallop, growl, hiss, howl, moo, meow, neigh, oink, purr, quack, quack, roar, squeak, squeal, tweet, woof, yap,

Crowd Sounds - cheer, clap, boo, roar, gasp,

Cooking - sizzle, bubble,

Human Noises - achoo, ahem, belch, chatter, crunch, flick, giggle, hiccup, huh, hum, itch, kiss, mumble, phew, shush, slurp, sniff, snort, tsk, ugh,

Loud - bam, bang, bash, boom, clang, ding dong, hack, pop, smack, vroom, whack, wham, whizz, zoom,

Mechanical - honk, beep-beep, beep, boing, boink, bonk, clatter, cock a doodle do, click, clack, clunk, ding, fizz, flush, honk, ping, snip, ratchet, ticktock, twang, zap, zing, zip,

Nature Sounds - crackle, drip, flutter, gurgle, rumble, rustle, splash, squish, swoosh, whoosh,

Noises I Hate -

Playground Noises -

Quiet Sounds - whisper, tinkle, shhh,


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