Poetry Writing Lesson - Self Esteem

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Self Esteem / Getting to Know You
Bio Poem

This poetry writing exercise aims to give the reader a snapshot of the poet's likes and dislikes. The poem also introduces students to different poetry structures.

Poetry Lesson

Poetry Writing Scaffold

I find I get best results by 'cutting and pasting' the scaffold then printing it out and work through it line by line. You have then demonstrated a process and seized any teachable moments.

Step 1 - Fill in the missing words.
____________ _______________
(adjective beginning with the same letter as your name) (your first name)
__________ eyes (colour)
__________ hair (colour)
__________ sisters (number)
__________ brothers (number)
Loves ______________ (an activity)
Hates ______________ (an activity)
Abhors _____________ (a type of food or a particular dish)
Adores _____________ (an interesting animal family)
Dislikes ____________ (a school subject)
Worships ___________ (a sport or activity)
Fancies ____________ (a type of sweet)
Loathes ____________ (a TV show)
Enjoys _____________ (a type of music)
Detests ____________ (a type of music)
Needs _____________ (something you crave)
Enormous __________ (an aspect of your character)
Fears _____________ (your number 1 phobia)
Giggles ____________ (adjective in regards to time)
Sniggers ___________ (adjective in regards to time)
Reads _____________ (favourite author or series of books)
Watches ___________ (favourite TV show)
Loves _____________ (school subject)
Hangs with _________ (your best friend at this school)
Wears _____________ (favourite clothes)
Drinks _____________ (favourite drink)
Plays ______________ (favourite computer/console game)
Dreams of ____________ (what you want too do with your life)
___________________ freak (your favourite hobby)
___________ _____________
(your first name) (word taken from www.rhymezone.com that rhymes with your name)

Write 4 pairs of words that describe things you adore, detest or typify your character. What makes you YOU?!!!
______________ ________________
______________ ________________
______________ ________________
______________ ________________

Step 2 - Select and number the lines you like from 1 to 15 so that they are in an order that you feel has the most impact. Make sure you have your name lines at the beginning and end. If you are doing this activity on a word processor, just cut and paste the lines into the order that you want.

Step 3 - Conference this piece with a friend and discuss choice of words and line order. Check the spelling you are unsure of and include CAPITAL LETTERS for people, places and things. Hand in the poem to see if you are ready to blog this poem.

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