Poetry Writing Lessons - A Getting to Know You Poem

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Getting to Know You Poem

This poem is a nice piece to start the year off with.

I find I get best results by taking the children through this process and discussing each line as you go.

I Am the One and Only Me!

My name is ___________________ I am unique. I am the one and only me.
I am happiest when I'm___________________________
I adore ______________ (favourite thing in the world) when ___________________
I'm d__________, d__________ & d_____________ ____________ (adjectives)
NB you can change these letters but they all must remain the same ie 3 'e's or 'r's
I am saddest when I ________________________________
I am OH SO SCARED when__ _______________________
I am most excited when ____________________________
I am as ____________ (adjective) as an _______________ .(animal) [NB the first word has to have the same first sound as the animal]
I _______________ (doing word) and I (doing word)
NEVER EVER will I again _________________________
I am brought to anger when ________________________
I am a ___________________ (object from nature that describes you) I'm _______________ (describing word) and I ______________(doing word).
I dream of ________________________________________
I desire __________________________________________
I always _________________________________________ without being asked.
My eyes see a world _______________________________ (killer line to show insight)
With my hands I will _____________________________ (how will you try to make the world a better place)
I'm only ________ (age) years old and I long to _____________________________
My name is ___________________! I am unique! I am the one and only me!

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