Poetry Writing Lessons - A Getting to Know You Poem - Verbal Collage

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Getting to Know You Verbal Collage

This poem is a nice piece to start the year off with.

Verbal Collage
image created in Wordle

Use Wordle create a verbal collage all about yourself.

1. Complete this list in a word processor so you get your spelling correct.

Your name
Favourite pass time
Second favourite pass time
Favourite music
Second favourite music
Favourite colour
Favourite sport
Second favourite sport
Favourite toyFfavourite author
Second favourite author
Favourite school subject
Second favourite subject
Favourite food
Most desired pet
Favourite movie
Favourite TV show
Second favourite TV show
Favourite clothes
Favourite drink
Favourite place in the world

2. Copy and paste your text into Wordle where it says 'Paste in a bunch of text:' then press 'go'.

3. Experiment with colours, fonts and layouts until you arrive at a design you are happy with.

4. Capture the image by doing a screen dump and publish it in a desired form.

Hint - In order to get the words to be different sizes I repeated words by using 'copy and paste'. My original text looked like this.

Write a word...

5 times = really big
4 times = smaller
3 times = smaller again
2 times = small
1 time = smallest

Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian
guitar guitar guitar guitar
movies movies movies
Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead
BillyBragg BillyBragg
Blue Blue Blue
Cricket Cricket Cricket
Bodyboarding Bodyboarding
Science Science Science Science
Art Art Art
MindstormsRobot MindstormsRobot MindstormsRobot
EmilyRodda EmilyRodda
Baklava Baklava
HermitCrab HermitCrab
FightClub FightClub
BlackBooks BlackBooks BlackBooks
MythBusters MythBusters
Jeans Jeans
Beach Beach Beach

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