Soma Cubes - Great Puzzles for Thinking & Problem Solving

Soma Cubes
(Get Your Students Thinking & Solving Problems)
soma cube
The First Puzzle to be Solved - How to assemble the pieces to form a cube.
soma cube girl
- To build a Soma Cube Puzzle and then solve it.
soma cube pieces

The Puzzle Pieces

- 27 wooden cubes (3cm x 3cm x 3cm is a good size)
- strong wood glue
- paint or wood stain

1. Glue the cubes together to form the puzzle pieces as shown being sure to wipe away any excess glue.
2. Wait for the pieces to dry.
3. Paint each of the sets of pieces a different colour.

Tips and Tricks:
- For a neater puzzle buy the little cubes precut.
- Use a drop saw for a quicker production of the pieces if you don't buy them precut.
- Have your class build their own puzzles.
- Paint each puzzle a different colour. This helps when you find a piece on the classroom floor.
- Share your newly made puzzles around other classes to get a bit more problem solving happening in the school.
- For a more professional looking puzzle colour it with wood stain but you will have to be careful at the gluing stage as the stain will not work through glue smudges.
- Store each puzzle in a plastic container. The ones that take away food come in are good.
-Please don't just use this as an activity for the 'early finishers'. Make the time for everyone to experience the 'A-ha' feeling.

Puzzles I know the children find challenging:

Soma Cube Puzzle 2

The Bed

Soma Cube Puzzle 3

A Castle

Soma Cube Puzzle 4

Tower 1

Soma Cube Puzzle 4Tower 2

Teachable Moments:
- How can we record your solution so I can be sure you have solved the problem?
- Have the students use the Internet to find other possible soma cube problems to solve.