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Spelling Strategy A Lot

Spelling Strategy - I like this one a lot

Here is a sure fire way to have all the kids in your class spelling 'a lot' correctly by the end of the term. :

1. Cut out these cartoons.
2. Blu-tac them up high on the front wall of the classroom with 'a' on one side of the room and 'lot' on the other.
3. Place the signpost in the middle and then choose where you want the car.
4. Introduce the strategy to the kids by 'making a big deal' about how far it is between 'a' and 'lot'. I then walk between the parts of the poster a few times and go, 'Gee it is a BIG gap between 'a' and 'lot'.
5. Have a couple of 'victims' / I mean 'volunteers' come out to do the same.

The kids do enjoy this if you make light of it.... SO HAM IT UP!


Spelling Strategy A Lot
homophone poster two
A Lot Spelling Poster
Acrobat Version - 223kB