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Over ten years ago I had a position in which I was charged with raising the profile of Science in schools. Here are some of the science experiments, science demonstrations and resources I used to switch students and teachers onto science education.
Science Experiments Scientist
Science Experiments Science Experiments
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The Science Show - The quickest way to raise the profile of science teaching in a school is to put on a Science Show. Here are my ideas on running a show.

Science Experiment - Witches' Brew

One - The Witches' Brew - A fun science demonstration that explores effervescence

Science Experiment - Rocket Science

Science Experiment
Two - Rocket Science
- I love 'blowing stuff up!!!' :)

Science Experiment Floating Teabag


Three - Floating

- A Readers
Theatre Script to

Air Pressure Science Experiment
Four - In the Airstream - A fun science exploration that examines Bernoulli's Principle ie The Wind


Science Wow Factory - A Collection of Free Science Readers' Theatre Scripts
The pages below are very much under construction but very useful :)
A Design Process Poster - Printable

Science Links 1 - an annotated list.

Science Links 2 - an annotated list.
Space Links - all things Space related    




Random Science Links - A great homepage for a month.






Science Experiments Science Experiments