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Science Experiments

The Floating Teabag
Readers' Theatre,Readers Theatre, Readers Theater, Reader's Theatre, Readers' Theatre... A Science Education Script :)

(a lighter than air science demonstration)

The floating teabag play is sure to get your class excited about an ordinary teabag & as a result many teabags will be sacrificed to the gods of Science over the coming days.

Science Experiment Teapot

Script Extract:

Narrator 1: Welcome one and all to another exciting science demonstration.

Narrator 2: But before we begin, we'd like to introduce you to our wonderful assistant...

Narrator 1 & Narrator 2: Eura Snotball

Assistant: (take a bow)

Narrator 1: As we progress through this activity our wonderful assistant, Eura, will demonstrate each step for you.

Narrator 1: The first thing you need to do for this activity is to take a teabag and pull the staple out.

(Eura Snotball presents all materials to the audience with exaggerated hand movements like a gameshow model.)

Narrator 2: Be careful when you do this step as a staple under your fingernail can be quite painful.

Download the full script
Science Experiment Readers Theatre


Hi the floating tea bag was a huge success. We did it three times. The class was dying of excitement. Your school is the type of school I would definitely like. Hey, sometime soon please write some more radical experiments. Daniel from Valencia

Readers Theatre Science Experiment
Floating Teabag Readers Theatre
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