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Online Art Education
Online Art websites for your students to explore artistic expression. This collection of art websites will broaden your students view of what Art is :) Great for open ended Art lessons & exploration of artistic concepts. See what you can find!

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Online Art Websites:

Create your own Jackson Pollock paintings online.

ArtLex - A Visual Art Dictionary - Everything Art With Examples

Art Attack - the BBC show official site and a favourite of all my students.

 A Very Large List of Artists -Just browse their work and you'll be amazed :)

NGA Kids - What cool interactives can you find here?

Mr Picasso Head - Draw online like Picasso.

The Artist's Toolkit - Explore the toolkit.

Color in Motion - Learn all about color through these animations.

Artstralia - an Art Search Engine.

Art Software - You've gotta check out Artrage.

Famous Museums:

The Art Gallery of New South Wales -Sydney, Australia

The Museum of Contemporary Art - Sydney, Australia

Musee du Louvre Paris - You might know a few artworks held here :)

Moma - The Museum of Modern Art New York.

The Vincent van Gogh Information Gallery - lots of Vincent

Web Museum Paris - Biographical information here as well as examples of their work.

Art Lesson Ideas:

The Incredible@rt Department - Heaps of Art Lessons for All Grades

KinderArt - hundreds of Art ideas to spice up your lessons.
Aboriginal Art Online - See if you can find some inspiration here.

Art Process Posters - You can print them out for your room

Art Junction - A Nice place to explore.

online art resources

"Art is an adventure
into an unknown
world, which can be explored only by
those willing to
take the risks."

Mark Rothko



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