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Cool Science Websites
Check out some of these Science sites and see what you can discover.

Science news stories courtesy of ABC Science Online. 
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It has a spell check built into the browser.
That's gotta save you some time.

How might the Google Pack tools be useful for you & your students?

See what you can find that is of interest to YOU!
Dragonfly- An Amazing Science Site for younger surfers.
Eco-Explorer - fun and informative site for environment friendly living
Virtual Frog Dissection - Click the 'demo' button to see inside.
Beakman's World - a wonderful science presenter with heaps of cool experiments.
The Franklin Institute - What would you want to see if you visited?
The Smithsonian - What interesting stuff can you find here?
Discovery Online - What can you find for kids?
Discovery Channel School - What might you give your teacher?
Science Daily Magazine - What is happening in the world of Science TODAY?
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki - Welcome to THE LAB :)
Helping Children Learn Science - Experiments to try.

Science Playwiths - Dig around here and you'll find absolute gems!

Kidport - A simple site deals with lots of interesting concepts

Animals and Other Living Things
Endangered Species
The Sea - Great Site For Yr3 Unit
CELLS alive! - Really Interesting - How to Care for Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Become a Butterfly Expert here!

ABC TV's Our Australian Animals - goes with the TV show.
Kid's Planet - Thinking of Writing about Animals. Check this out! 

Science Teacher Stuff
Classroom Compass - provide a site that attempts to 'bridge the gap between educational research and practice and to help ensure a quality education for all learners'.
Science NOW -
Weekly Science News
New Scientist Planet Science
- More Science News
Science Learning Network
- Heaps of Resources
Scottish Council for Research in Education (SCRE)
Primary Teachers Need Help to Teach Science

Science Club Child Experiment Fair Project
Design Briefs
- for various projects - Construction, Communication, Transportation & Manufacturing
Science Hobbyist
Science Activities Manual: K-8
Systematic Science
Understanding  and  Teaching Science
Experimental Science Projects - An Introductory Level Guide
Science Magazine - Lots of general interest stuff for those into Science

Floating & Sinking - Buoyancy

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Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy's Big Blast of Science

More Great Stuff