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Download Google Sky
for your Space Unit. Tick only the Google Earth option.







The Earth & Its Surroundings

Houston Chronicle - A Newspaper of All Things Space Related - If your doing a unit on Space drop in here for a look. 
The Sky - Good Space Introductory Site
NASA for Kids - Need I type more?
Readers Theatre - a script that explores the evils of the Solar System diorama :)
Sky Maps - Print out a map of the evening sky
Heavens Above - Find out when the International Space Station and
many other satellites are passing over your head and where to look for them.

Your Weight on other Planets - Type in your weight on Earth and see how
much you would weigh on each the planets in the Solar System.

The Nine Planets
- Lots of Information on the Objects in the Solar System.
Eight Planets for Kids - The Nine Planets site for Kids.

Extra Solar Planet Atlas - How many planets have we discovered outside our Solar System?

The Space Shuttle - Current Mission Live 
The Mars Odyessy - Check out how the latest mission to Mars is going.
Google Mars - an interactive map of the Martian features.
Space Education

Southern Skies - A Sydney Planetarium that visits schools
Earth & Sky
- Daily Audio and Info
NASA Image Exchange - Search for Space Pictures
Satellite Tracking
- View Current Satellite Locations
Latest Hubble Images
- What has the Hubble been looking at?
Cassini: Voyage to Saturn - What is the next flyby?

Galileo Project - How did it all end?
Bradford -Robotic -Telescope - you can control a telescope online!
International Space Station - What is happening on the International Spac Station NOW?!
Jonathan's Space Report - Check out the report section to see what's going on in space this week. You can even sign up for his newsletter.
Mars Global Surveyor - Check out What this robot has discovered this week.
Mars Pathfinder Mission - What is this mission all about?
NASA Spacelink - Educational resources for all age groups.
Planetary Photojournal - check out the latest photos from any part of the Solar System.
Space Calendar (JPL) - What events are happening in space this month?
Mir Space Station - What WAS it?

- download this free satellite tracking program to see what's going on above and around you.

Google Sky - is an interactive sky atlas. You can download it as part of the Google Pack or as a stand alone.

Space Education This SOHO screensaver downloads photographs of the most recent sun activity. Great for discussion!

Space Education Use this screensaver to search for ET :) The kids love it! BOINC

Space Education
Aritosthenese's only tools were sticks, eyes, feet, and brains; plus a zest for experiment. With those tools he correctly deduced the circumference of the Earth, to high precision, with an error of only a few percent. That's pretty good figuring for 2200 years ago.
Carl Sagan






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