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websitesites for infants

Websites for the Infants School

When teaching Yrs 1 and 2 about ways to use web browsers I find these websites very useful. The students stay motivated while they learn how to log into the network, use a web browser and discuss how we can learn with the Internet. The websites also reinforce some of the concepts dealt with in class.

websites for infants




Online Graph

Create a Graph - is a simple interface for young students to make and print out their own professional looking graphs.

Coolmath4kids - Encourage your students to explore Math Games area of the site and report back to the group what they find. Highlights include: Rush, Connect 4 and the 3D Maze.

educational math website
educational website
BBC for Schools - I use the 'Words and Pictures' activities in the 'Literacy' section but there are many other fantastic resources here.

BBC for Children
- All sorts of interesting things here as well as a few pointless games that the students are drawn to :) - Great opportunity to discuss 'appropriate educational resources'.
educational website

websites for infants
Little Fingers - a collection of interactive online games. Great for discussion of 'pointless clicking' and evaluation of resources. Plus you can discuss Americanisms if you are from outside the US.

Yahoo for Kids
- lots of 'kid culture', but a nice child friendly search engine that often delivers child friendly search results.

websites for infants
websites for infants

Kidsclick is categorised into areas of student interest. My students loved the art tools.

Jackson Pollock - Here is a great little end of lesson activity. The kids love it and it is great to challenge their views on Art from an early age.
websites for infants
Interactive Phonics Activities
Starfall - A variety of free phonics activities and interactive talking books. I'm always surprised how much the students get into this site.

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