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Hi All,

After many years of successfully integrating ICTs into the Elementary classroom I now offer professional development workshops. These workshops show teachers how to embrace computer technologies and open up a world of digital possibilities to themselves and the students in their care.

So far these professional development days have been a huge hit both here in Australia and on my recent trip to New Zealand.

Option One - The Whole Staff Inservice Day

In the lead up to the day: By using phone, email, Skype, MSN to communicate with the Executive of a school or the organisers of a conference to assertain their staff or delegates needs. I also liase with the Network Administrators to have all the software that I need loaded onto the system and working. I can then modify my presentations and workshops to better meet the needs of the adult learners. We also work out travel arrangements and accomodation.

On the day: Breakfast at a local establishment and usually a cab rid to the location :)

Introduction: A motivational presentation on the practical possibilities that ICT can bring to the modern classroom. I also outline time management strategies that can be used to help the teacher that, "Doesn't have time to do all this stuff".

Part 2 of the Day - In rotating groups the teachers explore 4 applications that are of interest to them. NB Almost all of the applications I use are free or open source programs. This really helps with the budget.

Possible Areas of Focus during these session: Digital Storytelling, Photostory, Movie Maker, Machinima, Podcasting basics, Electronic Music Creation, Stop Motion Animation, Blogging with Students, Mind Mapping Software, 3d animation, Painting without the Mess - Artrage, Cartooning in Inkscape, Creative computing with SCAMPER, photo manipulation for Art and practical purposes, Internet exploration that will add to your teaching toolbox, Web 2.0 tools, Google Earth in the Classroom, Computer Aided Design with Sketchup or Lego CAD. You can choose or I can suggest :)

The End of the Day Goal Setting - After experiencing a broad range of software the staff must individually or as a stage group decide on and commit to just one piece of software to integrate into their classrooms for a term. This commitment is recorded by the principal and a meeting date is set for the end of term to discuss the successes and failures and to work out an ICT goal for the next term.

Feel free to call me or email to discuss how I can best help your school with its professional development.

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