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Graduation Poetry

Graduation / Farewell Elementary School Poem – A collection of lines and ideas for making a unique piece of poetry for the end of the school year.


Graduation Poetry

Farewell Elementary School


Here is a poem that was written for a class farewell. Feel free to create your own ‘fill in the gaps poem’ from it.

Just copy as much (or as little) of the poem into a word processing document and then eliminate a heap of keywords. Students can then insert their own words & thoughts to create a unique piece of poetry.

I tend to break the creation of this piece up over a couple of lessons. During this time we alternate between joint construction, small groups, pairs & individuals to compose the lines of the poem.

Goodbye, Farewell & Amen School

Our minds are crowded with pleasant memories of this wonderful school.
Its warmth,
Its friendliness,
Its exciting excursions,
And its unpredictable lunchtimes.

The Beginning…

Our first day of school was a bittersweet experience.
It was the mix of excitement and loneliness, elation and misery.
lt was like entering a new world.
It was like becoming part of a new family
It was the excitement of a new adventure,
and the crisp feel of the brand new, freshly ironed uniform.

It was Dad comforting mum as she wept over breakfast…
in the car…
and at the classroom door as they waved their baby goodbye.

All – Ahhhh.

It was some of our dads telling us to be brave as they wiped the tears from our cheeks and said a quick goodbye, “See you tonight” then racing off to work.

It was being lost in a sea of strange, unfamiliar faces.
It was the joy of finding new friends
& coloring in by ourselves.

It was the embarrassment of calling our teachers Mum.

It was our mothers returning to their empty houses no longer blessed with the pitter-patter of our tiny feet.

All – Ahhhh.

It was little children crying and waving goodbye to their loving parents.

It was others bravely facing the new challenge of School.

It was the delight on the faces of the many big people as they realized their newfound freedom.

It was our parents looking happy and sad all at the same time.

It was the fear in our hearts when we turned towards the large closed doors to see
mums’ familiar face was no longer there.

It was the excitement of playing with all our new friends.
The feeling of sadness when our lunch fell in the dirt.
The hours flying by rapidly and suddenly to our surprise, dads were there to pick us up,
We smiled,
ran to them
…and hugged them with all our might.


We remember playing happily with fabulous friends,
we were so carefree,
we were so carefree.
We remember seeing the white Lego table and getting squashed in the stampede to play with it.
We remember being really scared of being left alone.
We remember being shown around the school, it was so enormous back then.
We remember seeing tall teachers towering over our little bodies as they lumbered around the school.
We must have been so small.
We remember going home early and boasting about the day.
How quickly things changed.

Now, each day when we arrive, we are quickly kicked out of the car, our parents already late for work.
Excited knowing our friends are in the playground.
But occasionally, a sense of melancholy overwhelms us as we walk through the gates towards the open classroom doors.
There, we watch the clock slowly beating out the day as we count down the seconds ’til the weekends

…and so do the teachers.


It was the thrill of staying up late, eating lollies & getting up to mischief.
It was going outside and running around the campfire.
It was the morning people singing at the top of their voices and waking up the sleepyheads.

Things We Will Miss

We will miss our friends.
We will miss the subtle sounds of the teachers’ lovely voices.
We will miss being the leaders of the school.
We will miss our buddies.
We will miss the shrill laughter of the playground.
And we will miss the teachers’ weird senses of humor.

All – Not!

Sweet Fragrances

A rich variety of fragrances will always remind us of this school.

The heavenly aroma of the teachers’ pleasant perfumes
to the absolutely disgusting stench of the gloomy boys’ toilets.

The smell of the traffic was sometimes like a sour wind tearing at our

The smell of the fresh air as we played on the bright equipment was often
a welcome relief.

The lush smells of lunch and popcorn, wafting to the classroom made our mouths water.

The wicked aroma of the overused deodorant after lunch will live long in our memories.


Throughout our lives, there are sounds that will constantly remind us of (insert school name here).

The warm tones of the teachers’ friendly good mornings ……
The ssssshhhh (insert teacher name here) is coming!!!!!
And the deathly silence of someone getting busted.

All – Ooooooo!

We will remember the ringing of bells that signify the end of a long day.
The sweet sound of the kindies singing the school song and National Anthem slightly out of tune.
and the ghastly screeching of fingernails slowly scraping down the board.

The drone of the teachers going on and on and on…
The constant chatter of the children in class
Chairs clashing
Desk lids banging
Clocks ticking
Feet stomping down the halls
The incessant buzz of traffic
Coins being dropped in the canteen line
Children sobbing from a grazed knee
And the shrill of the PE teacher’s whistle
BANG! The piercing noise of the starter’s gun.
The elation of TGIF – ‘Thank God It’s Friday’


The tension mounts as the day grows near.
Our hearts pound.
Our hands sweat and the butterflies in our stomachs work overtime.

As the test was placed on our desks we experienced a mix of terror and excitement.

We listened to the clock ticking away – tick-tock, tick-tock.
The rapidly turning pages of others caused a little anxiety.
We heard a distance murmur, ‘Five minutes to go.’
We sighed with relief when it was over.
When the result finally arrived we were generally pleased.


Homework has been the bane of our existence.
Dull and annoying are just a few of the words that spring instantly to our minds
The irritating phrase, “STOP WATCHING TV AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK!” Will eternally echo through our minds.

We know that it has been good for us but it was such a chore.


To all our teachers.
You taught us well, you taught us well.
It was fun.
It was, ‘Hello I’m falling asleep here!’
It was enjoyable learning new things.
It was frightening fractions and deceptive decimals.
It was grisly graphs and divine divisions.
It was confusion and relief.
It was success and anxiety.
Sometimes the work was like brutally beating your head against a wall but experiencing success was pure ecstasy.

Thank you

Thank you to all who have educated us so well during our school life.
To all the teachers, your time was like a precious gift.
Thank you to the teachers who cared, your words will stay in our hearts.
Thank you to the teachers of Music, your songs will live long in our minds.
Thank you to the teachers of English you have opened our eyes to the beauty of words.
Thank you to the teachers of Maths, it was magical.
Thanks to the teachers of the Super Science Sessions they have opened our minds to a whole new way of looking at the world.
Thank you to the teachers of Sport, you made our days.

Thank you to the teachers of Italiano tutto il vostro lavoro duro notevolmente é stato apprezzato.

To our mums and dads, thank you for helping us battle through the last-minute homework late at night. Your patience was a wish come true.
To all those who challenged us
To all those who helped us whenever we struggled.
To all those who made learning frustrating and fun
We say thanks.
Thank you to all those who have prepared us so well for high school.
To all the school helpers, we appreciate you and say thanks.

And finally to you all…
we say a heartfelt thanks…
and farewell.

Presentation options –

– Create a Slideshow of the poem with photos from the last few years of school and the children read over the images.
– Podcast the poem.
– Insert your own creative ideas 🙂