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Art - Hues

Art - Hues  Art - Hues  Art - Hues

Summary: An Art lesson for students to explore the almost infinite variety of colors available to the artists.

1. Produce a series of lines on a piece of art paper using yellow chalk. Be sure to vary them. Make thick and thin lines, zig-zag, curves, spirals & diagonals, vertical and horizontal.

2. Join the lines to each other and to the edge of the paper to create a lot of closed shapes.

3. Paint a large color wheel with the class. Discuss the mnemonic  ‘Roy-g-biv’ – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet and the gradations of color from red to orange, blue to purple, etc.

Art - Hues

4. Discussion – Point out that the Primary Colors – Red, Blue, and Yellow. These are colors that cannot be made by mixing any colors together. Next point out the Secondary Colors ( Purple, Green, and Orange). These are colors that are made by mixing 2 primary colors together. How do you think the name secondary came about?

5. Demonstrate -that you can achieve different hues by varying the amount of the two colors you mix together e.g. you can make a yellow-orange by taking red and adding small amounts of yellow to it. The same applies to all the other secondary colors.

6. Challenge the students to create a piece of artwork that shows a lot of the gradations of color between each primary and secondary color e.g. start with yellow then gradually added small amounts of red to it so that the students see the steady change in color.

7. Students fill the closed shapes with gradations of color and wait for them to dry.

8. Once dry, outline the shapes in black then evaluate the process and results with the students.

9. Display artworks in a prominent place to show how ‘arty’ your students can be 🙂