Online Art Lesson – Shades


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Color Theory – Shades

Online Art Lesson - Shades

Online Art Lesson - Shades

Summary: This art lesson aims for students to explore the effect black has on color and mood.

1. Explore artworks that make use of dark moody colors.

2. Discussion – Shades are ‘colors mixed with black’. They are often used to create gloomy or sad moods. It is important to have a knowledge of these colors for when you wish to create such a mood. Most students know to mix white with colors to create tints but black is not a tool they think to use. Shades can also be used in shadows and shading.

3. Draw a cartoon cityscape in yellow chalk. Make some of the lines ‘wavey’ for a different effect. Be sure to raise the baseline from the bottom of the page.

Online Art Lesson - Shades

4. Color the outlines using only colors mixed with black (tones).

5. Once dry, outline shapes in black with a thin brush and display.

Online Art Lesson - Shades