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Poetry Writing Lesson – Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry Creation – During my poetry units, I always have several ‘real-world’ magnetic poetry kits available for the children to use. These magnetic poetry kits are a big hit and they bring the children to an understanding that poetry is not just about rhyme. This lesson links to electronic versions of these kits.

Poetry Writing Lesson

Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Letters Poetry

Magnetic Letters Poetry

Using Online Magnetic Poetry Websites in Class

Tips and Tricks:

– Encourage the students to just drag words into the workspace and rearrange them rather than spending a lot of time trying to find words that they want.

– Encourage spontaneity and then review, edit, experiment, etc later.

– Have the students work in pairs so that they argue and negotiate a lot 🙂

– Take a screen dump of the finished poem and load it to your blog.

– Read the poems aloud to the class yourself and really ham them up 🙂

– Try giving a line structure of say 3 words, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 3.

– Have the children invent their own structures.

– Have Text to Speech Software read the poem and then add it to a podcast.

– Read the poem aloud so that it sounds like a shopping list.

– Read the poem aloud so it sounds like Beat Generation poetry.

– If the site you use allows words to be edited set a limit of only being able to change 3 or 4 words to maintain the integrity of ‘magnetic poetry’.

– Allow an off-screen edit to add words that they would like and then compare the two.

Compose Magnetic Poetry Online

Online Magnetic Poetry- Categories include: The Poet, Nature & a Starter Kit

The Poet’s Kit
The Nature Kit 
Starter Kit