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Problem Solving – Square Puzzle


Free Problem Solving Activity – Problem Solving is fundamental in math lessons. Get your students solving problems with this free challenging download.


Problem Solving

Square Puzzle

Problem Solving - Square PuzzleWhat to Do – Arrange the 5 pieces of this puzzle to create a single square.

Challenge your students to persevere to achieve the ‘a-ha’ feeling.

Puzzle Solving Hint – Only after they beg you a couple of times, let them know the small square goes in the middle 🙂

Organization – get the students to initial each piece (great for when they get dropped on the floor) and store the puzzles in envelopes in desks.



The 'a-ha' feeling

The ‘a-ha’ feeling

Just a side note – I’ve struggled a little to get this puzzle ‘just right’ in my graphics software so you can accept a small amount of overlap in the solution.