Homework Idea – Astronomy

Homework Idea – Astronomy – There are many, many points of light in the Night Sky and each one of them has a story. Take some time to explore & celebrate them. 

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Astronomy Lesson

What’s Up There?

Every few months I print out a star chart for each child in the class and have them explore the night sky with their parents. This gets excellent great conversation and questions happening about astronomy, the Universe & everything.

Sky Map Download

Sky Map Download

Science Lesson - Astronomy

Homework Idea:

Choose a single point of light in the night sky you don’t know anything about. This will be the point of light you will tell your grandchildren one of your early teachers made your research.:-)

Identify the object on the sky map, research what it really is and tell our class about it in a language that they will understand.

Teacher Tip:

This task could easily descend to being one where students copy and paste some really, really techo stuff that makes no sense. Encourage understanding. 

Little Problem to Solve:

Why are East and West are on the wrong sides of the star chart? Notice it with the students and explain, ‘Why it is so”. This will save you a fair bit of time 🙂