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Homework Idea – How Does It Work?

Homework Idea – Explanation – Challenge children to explain an environmental phenomenon they personally would like the answer to e.g. How the wind blows.

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Homework Idea

How Does It REALLY Work?

There are many phenomena in the world we take for granted and don’t really understand how they work eg. How the wind blows. Science Lesson - EnvironmentHow lightning occurs. What is thunder? Why is the ocean blue? Why is the sky blue all day but orange at sunset?

Brainstorm a list of possible natural phenomena the students really want to know about. Encourage them to generate their own questions.

Homework Idea:

Students research and write a 150 – 200 word maximum explanation of their chosen area of investigation.

Be sure to point out the language features of the Explanation text type and that explanations are supported by diagrams to show meaning.