Science Lesson – Greenhouse


Greenhouse Effect – Hole in Ozone

What is the Difference?

Greenhouse Effect

Apparently, over 99% of climate scientists believe these concepts to be fact.

The terms Greenhouse Effect, global warming, climate change, Ozone Depletion are used almost daily in the media but on questioning children (and many adults for that matter) they use the terms interchangeably.

Science Lesson - Greenhouse

Your Challenge

Bring your students to a full appreciation of the difference between the Greenhouse Effect and Ozone Layer Depletion. Then explore ways to reduce the class’ ‘Environmental Footprint’.

The Task

Half the class research The Greenhouse Effect and the other half research Ozone Depletion.

Part A

1. Define the concept.
2. List the causes.
3. List 5 possible consequences that the concept may lead to.
4. Outline some simple strategies that we can use in our lives to reduce our personal contribution to these concepts.
5. Why do you think it is important for people to know about these concepts?

Part B

In groups of 6 (3 that researched Greenhouse Effect and 3 that researched Ozone Depletion) list the similarities and differences between the two concepts.

Part C

Create a list of strategies you can use to make your school more environmentally sound and implement them eg stick little signs next to light switches ‘Help Save Our Planet – Turn off the Light’