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Science Lesson – Wow Science

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Science Homework to Make Us Go WOW!!!Science Lesson - Wow Science

Find a Science Demonstration to Impress Us All.

In pairs, you must prepare a brief, entertaining science demonstration that will amaze your audience and explain a science concept to them.

Your presentation cannot be dangerous so YOU cannot use bicarbonate soda. heheheScience Lesson - Wow Science

Some of My Favorite Demonstrations:

The Witches’ Brew explores effervescence.

Alka Seltzer Rockets – This is one for outside.

Steve Spangler’s YouTube Channel is a great place for the students to start looking but you can read books, explore the Internet or talk to people about their favorite science activities.

Teaching Tips for this Science Homework Idea:

  • it is worth setting this task over 2 weeks and having a roster of when students need to present
  • to avoid duplication have up a place for students to write what they plan to do. First with their name on the sheet gets the rights to that demonstration. 

Possible Extension:

– Perform these presentations for another class.


– As a teacher, I’ve found this a great way to increase my repertoire of great science demonstrations with the students doing all the legwork for you 🙂