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Feedback from My Workshops
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I'm currently spending a lot of time working with whole schools on integrating Information and Communications Technologies into their classrooms.

Here are some of the feedback forms from one of the schools I've been working with.

  • I found the day with Adrian stimulating. It made me feel that although I'm not totally confident with using technology, there are lots of possibilities I can handle.

  • The day was inspirational, highly motivating and very valuable.

  • Today was a captivating means of transport into the possibilities of ICT use in the classroom.

  • The day reinforced the huge range of things that can be done in the classroom using the computer and gave me encouragement to try new things this term.

  • Opened the door to new and interesting ways to use ICT in the classroom that need not be difficult!

  • Today was interesting - and fun. I now know how to use Ctrl + z … F5 and F11. Thanks :)

  • Fantastic display of ideas that challenge personal ICT skills but are within readch with a little help from my friends. Very exciting possibilities for students!

  • Inspirational, knowledgable, fascinating.

  • Many of my teachers and students see the computer as a glorified typewriter or games machine. You have shown me practical ideas for integrating relevant ICT skills into the curriculum. Thankyou.

  • This is a picture of my brain bursting... :)

  • What a wonderful experience! Adrian makes technology so relevant and such fun.

  • These two days were wonderful, thanks. Adrian's a legend!

  • The workshop was great, informative and introduced other aspects of ICT that I had not previously considered. Well prepared and presented with pedagogical information. Great knowledge and expertise.

  • I'm amazed at Adrian's zest for life and thirst for knowledge. Here is a man not afraid of change.

  • I've enjoyed every minute of the last 2 sessions. Thanks.

  • Well done Adrian. Thank you. This has been the best inservice I have been to in a long while. Your ideas are most interesting and practical for busy teachers. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

  • Adrian, you have given me the confidence to learn with the learners.

  • Today's workshop was fabulous and the resources stimulating. Really inspired me to face my computer again.

  • Adrian's presentation is very motivational & authentic because what he has achieved has happened in a real class situation.

  • Adrian your practical 'hands-on' 'minds-on' approach was fabulous!

  • Informative, Inspirational, scary! Motivational! Supportive! Ready to share!

  • A multimedia feast. A very motivating experience.

  • Dear Adrian, Thanks to you I am stepping outside my comfort zone with confidence!

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