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Hiroshima Day


Every Hiroshima Day (August 6) I start the day by reading Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes to my class and I must admit I still get a tear in my eye at the end.

We then head off to research - The Manhattan Project, how the atomic bombs worked, images, videos on Youtube, the Enola Gay, Einstein, Oppenheimer, we discuss the state of the world at the time of the bombings and much, much more.

During the day we write poetry using scaffolds from the ecphrastic poetry page.

The poem above was made from an image from the Creative Commons area of Flickr and the writing was added in Paint.Net.

NB Here is the file of just the Hiroshima Dome without the text so you can publish your own poems easily. Hiroshima Dome template. All you have to do is open the file in a graphics program, select the font tool and write.