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Creating a Passion for Poetry Writing in Your Students

One of my mentors once asked me how I foster a love of poetry in my students. I had to get back to her as I knew I didn't ;) I then did some reading on the subject, created some of my own scaffolds and introduced a new type of poetry to my class every two weeks. Here are just a few of the scaffolds & lessons I developed.

poetry lessons poetry lessons
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Writing Poetry with Children

Self Esteem Poetry

Self Esteem Poetry
Get the kids to know a little bit more about
each other.

Poetry Writing

More Self
Esteem Poetry

' I Am the One &
Only Me!'

Poetry Writing

A Verbal Collage
All About Me
Use online tools to
publish poetry

writing poetry

Catalogue Poetry

Catalogue Poetry
The White Poem
A poetry scaffold which
creates a 'verbal collage'
of what a concept
means to a writer.
Magnetic poetry is a form that I
have found children really engage
with & now you can do it online!

catalogue poetry
Happiness Poem
A catalogue poem scaffold to explore what 'happiness'
is to an individual.

Poetry Writing
Ecphrastic Poetry
(don't let the name scare
you... this is 'powerful stuff')

Poetry Writing
(an ecphrastic poem)

graduation poetry
Graduation Poetry
Pick & choose lines
from this scaffold to
write a memorable
poem for graduation night.

Examples of Onomatopoeia
(Sound Poems)

Sound Poem - Haunted House
The Haunted House
- a sound poem scaffold
Hello Goodbye Poem
Hello Goodbye Poem - Explore pessimism & optimism
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poetry lessons poetry lessons

writing poetry writing poetry
educational resources


writing poetry writing poetry