MyEducationStuff dot com – an archive of resources

Welcome to Here you will find an archive of heaps of the educational resources I’ve made over more years than I care to remember.

Reading Games – Free reading games to print & play

Electronic Resources – Games & Learning Objects

Math Games – resources & posters

Phonics Flip Books – Free & Printable

Phonemic Awareness PowerPoints – Free Downloads

Phonics Posters to Print & Display

What Kids’ Book??? Books I know Students Love to Read

Problem Solving – Puzzles to engage & frustrate 🙂

Homework Ideas – Homework Ideas That Work!

Classroom Blogging – Enough to get you ‘Blogging with Class’.

Motivational Posters – Print out these motivational posters!

Chess Posters – Help your children learn chess.

Art Lessons – Get your room lookin’ good.

Poetry Lessons – Write poetry that sounds fantastic!

Teaching Writing – Ideas for teaching writing.

Readers’ Theatre Scripts – Heaps of Fun!

The Ace Kids’ Podcast Educational Podcasting

Morning Tea – a Couple of Easy Recipes

Stressbusters – Just for Laughs

Photography – My Photography career 🙂

My Virtual Library Educational Websites – I wonder what still exists?

Funky Free Name Tags

Educational Software – Free educational software to use with students. (I wonder what has stood the test of time?)

Science – OK this page needs some work 🙂

A Little About Me – Really Should Update this

A Few Awards – Ancient History 😉