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This site aims to be the 'one stop shop' for educators wishing to start blogging in the classroom with their students. You will find ideas for integrating blogs into the curriculum as well as printable procedures that will help you add images, videos and podcasts to your class blog.

classroom blogging classroom blogging
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The Nuts and Bolts of Blogging

Blogging with Children

Image Optimisation
How to get an Image
Ready for a Blog
Blogging with Children
Adding Video
How to add TeacherTube
videos to your blog.
Blogging with Children

Inserting an Image
into a Blog ie one that
doesn't support
image hosting.
Blogging with Children

HTML Code Made Easy
don't learn html, copy
& paste it.

Blogging with Children

How to do a 'screen dump' i.e. capture the screen.




Question Stems for classroom blogging
Question Stems
to encourage
student reflection.


From here Down is 'Under Construction' ;-) - I am getting there.

Legal Stuff

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classroom blogging classroom blogging