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Homework Idea – Plant Names

Homework Task – What Plant is That? Discover the scientific facts about a plant, flower or tree from your local area. 

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Science Homework Idea

We Are Surrounded by Plants and Flowers but What do We Really Know About Them?

Science Lesson - Plants


What Plant or Flower is THAT?

Botany is a MASSIVE field and there is an amazing diversity of plant life on our planet. Yet many of us know very little about the plants in our immediate environments. This activity is designed to have students explore and discuss local plants.

Your Task

When you leave school today, I want you to take note of the plants and flowers on your way home. When you come across one you know nothing about it will become your subject of study. For homework, I would like you to make a mindmap of that plant. 

Include on your Mind Map:

A detailed central drawing of the plant, its common name, its scientific name, where it is found, a close-up drawing of the leaf, is it native or imported? If imported where did it originally come from and when? Is it deciduous? Does it flower or fruit? How does it proliferate? Does the plant hold cultural significance to any group of indigenous people? Is it edible? (we have an amazing amount of bush tucker in Australia), plus any other interesting facts about it.


  • Sometimes it easier to ask someone rather than go straight to formal research. esp if you do not know the name of a plant e.g. ask a gardener or go to a nursery to talk to someone.
  • There are phone apps to help identify plants. Maybe give one or two a go.
  • See if a database of plants like this exists for your local area.