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I like to use this website in several ways. One...Just let the kids explore the site to see what they can find that will 'aid their personal math learning'... and two... in pairs have the children prepare a 3 minute presentation to the class that outlines the pros and cons of one ot the sites.

Symmetry Around the World Project - A collection of webpages made by students.A great resource!
Virtual Manipulatives - The best interactive maths website we've found so far.
A Math Dictionary for Kids - animated examples of Maths terms
SBG Maths - Great Internet Maths ideas for all grades! A WONDERFUL SITE!
What's My Angle -
Interactive shockwave protractor activities.

BBC Math - Links to resources for learning math
Create a Graph - Make Your Own Graphs Online
Paper Nets of Polyhedra - These shapes are beautiful 3-D geometrical figures that have fascinated philosophers, mathematicians and artists for millennia. There are more than eighty paper models available to print out for free.

Everything Math - This guy has links to the whole syllabus K-6. He's a legend!
Rainforest Math - Comprehensive, visually appealing and heaps of fun.
Count Us In - Games designed to help children understand basic math concepts.
Dice Rolls - Magic 7 without rolling the dice a 1 000 times :)
Jill Britton's Recreational Math - lots of interesting maths here.
Interactivate - heaps of online math activities
Count Me in Too - The Official Website! Head for the Children's Area.
Incredible Links Site - You'll find heaps here to inspire you and keep you busy.
Multiplication Games Online - See if you can find one to recommend to a friend.

Maths Humor - There are a lot of Maths jokes here I'm sure you'll relate to.
Math Comics - do a search for Math at the Frank and Ernest site.
More Maths Links - Some more great sites to cast your eye over.
Cool Maths 4 Kids - Looks Great
and excellent fractal pictures
More Online Maths Games and Activities at
Problem Solving Strategies - Ways to approach a problem.
Online Problems from the Questacon
Transformation Golf - play all 9 holes by using your knowledge of Flips, Slides and Turns.
Can you find the Elvis cartoon - Count On
A Few Challenging Problems - from the Mathematics Association of Victoria.

Mathsgym - Maths Space Invaders is Cool! + other games and activities.
Maths Cats - just good fun to have a look around.
Multiplication Bingo - Looks great and is fun.
The History of Numbers - Where did all this stuff come from.
Time and Date - Work out Timezones and Calendars. A good resource for the modern age.
A+ Math - A place designed to help improve maths skills.
Math Forum - A good general K - 6 Site  Activities, Puzzles, Problems & Software Reviews.

Dr. Maths - A place to ask questions & get answers about Maths
MegaMaths - Lots of really cool maths stuff here. G&T and lessons.
Maths Yr 2000 - Puzzles, games, link. A nice looking site.
web links
MathMagic- Collaborative Internet maths projects
Problem of the Week - solve the problem and email the solution to the site
Maths Interactivities - more puzzles and games to interact with online. Try the Frogs:)
Brain Teasers - Problems posted & solved on Wednesdays. No Email on this one.
Internet Scavenger Hunt - Great for G&T group work.
The Ultimate Puzzle Site - Mathematical Puzzles
The Ultimate Puzzle Site - Basic Puzzles
Mathematics Fun, Fiction, Function, Fantasy
Tangram Resources - Lots of links to info on Tangrams
The Largest Known Primes -Within the Maths world people are always looking for the largest known prime number. Find out what the current one is here.
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles - Adults might find this one interesting.
Traversable Networks - This site looks a little cold and dull but once you get the hang of finding out if a network is traversable you'll be hooked.
Fractals - A New and Exciting branch of Maths & Science
Search for Mersenne Primes - The 39th Known Mersenne Prime Found by a sceensaver!
Calculator Tricks to astound your students - check out the calculator stuff.
Maths Search Engine - Can't find a Maths concept? Use this!
New South Wales Math Syllabus and Outcomes Documents - Download these documents.
The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers 

web links
Another Collection of Math Links - Yet another teacher has taken the time to recommend Math Websites.

IKnowThat - So much stuff but watch the ads!
Math Lesson that are fun! Fun! FUN! - what more can I say :)
Figure This - Math Challenges - check out the Challenge Index and the Math Index

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